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SESSION pairs functional strength, conditioning, and circuit training with community for a holistic, total-body, and inclusive experience.

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01 Strength + Conditioning

These classes are offered on Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays. Mixing the best of both worlds, S&C is all about building muscular and aerobic endurance capabilities. Expect strength exercises paired with conditioning components to get your heart rate up!

02 Strength

Strength days are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tailored to all fitness levels, we’ll cover base movement patterns with opportunities to challenge yourself on technique, tempo and weight load.

03 Metcon

Metabolic conditioning combines mostly cardio conditioning with strength exercises to train different energy systems, both aerobic and anaerobic. You’ll see this format every Wednesday.

04 Metcon Circuit

Our MetCon format, circuit style. Expect our usual 3 blocks of work, a combination of cardio and strength components, moving around the room to hit all stations. You’ll see this circuit format offered on Saturdays.

05 Run Lab: Strength + Mobility

New to running? Current runner? Training for a race? Run Lab is a strength and mobility class for all runners. A comprehensive approach to becoming a more efficient, injury free runner. This class is every Wednesday at 7:30pm at our North Williamsburg location.

06 Kettlebell Strength + Conditioning

Kettlebell Strength + Conditioning is designed for all fitness levels to help you master the fundamental movement patterns of kettlebell training while working on strength, power and conditioning. This class is offered on Tuesdays at 4:30pm at our North Williamsburg location and Thursdays at 5pm at our South Williamsburg location, and has a smaller capacity of 12 people maximum, to allow for your Coaches to work closely with you on technique.

07  Community Runs

We offer two community runs every week – Tuesdays at 7am meeting at our South Williamsburg location and Wednesdays at 6:30pm at the McCarren Park Track for an intervals workout before our Run Lab; Strength & Mobility Class. These runs are free to join and are open for all paces and fitness levels!

08 Mobility Workshop

Led by physical therapist Shaun Pamintuan on the last Tuesday of every month. This mobility-focused workshop is designed to optimize how you move and feel both in and out of the gym. In each session, you’ll explore your body’s capacity for movement at various joints. Exercises will focus on improving your functional range of motion, stability, and body awareness in order to develop and maintain joint health, and help prevent injuries.


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Coaches + Leadership

Meet the Team

Patrick Waters


Patrick is the Founder of SESSION Training. His experience in the industry spans over a decade and he has witnessed the power and confidence individuals can build when they start to flourish in their personal movement mechanics. SESSION has and continues to be built on community. Our collective mission is to help everyone who interacts with the business to become better. Community, education, and strength of character are what define SESSION Training.

Alexa Javens

Co-Owner + Group Coach + Programming

Alexa is a Nike Well Collective Trainer and seasoned strength coach who specializes in Kettlebell training. Being a marathon runner, she loves coaching the community on strength and mobility for injury prevention. Alexa is passionate about helping people through functional movement. She believes that every human is capable of being an athlete if they work hard and push past their comfort zone.

Katrina Zenger-Atienza

Co-Owner + Group Coach

Katrina is a Nike Well Collective Trainer with a background in competitive figure skating and long distance running. Inspired by the many ways people partake in movement, her training ethos is centered around helping people move well, feel stronger, and to prevent injury so that they feel confident doing the activities they love to do. Katrina's training specializes in functional strength and conditioning and she is excited to continue her education both in functional and pre-post natal training.

Taylor Woodie

Group Coach + Assistant Fitness Manager

Taylor is a professional dancer who is passionate about helping people develop their highest functioning selves. She aims to help others on their fitness journey through a lens of athleticism, appreciation, and mindfulness.

Jocelyn Krotec

Brand Manager + Studio Manager (Greenpoint)

Jocelyn comes from a competitive sport background, playing volleyball in college. She is passionate about health + wellness and building a strong mind-body connection. She aims to empower others and enhance their relationship with movement for a better overall well-being. She is responsible for managing our social media platforms and is the go-to person for all things regarding sales, marketing, and partnerships.

Isaiah Ess

Studio Manager (South Williamsburg)

Isaiah has a deep appreciation for sports and the way physical activity can positively impact our lives. As a former basketball player, he has developed a keen sense of teamwork, strong work ethic, and discipline. These qualities have carried over into his professional life and greatly influence his passion for the business aspects of fitness.

Iliana Amadiz-Villalona

Studio Manager (North Williamsburg)

Iliana’s passion for health and wellness began long ago in high school, when she signed up for track and field. Now you can catch her running marathons and leading our community runs. She believes running is the ultimate metaphor for life; no matter what happens, keep moving forward, one step at a time. As a mother of two, training has helped her strive to be the best version of herself and she hopes to inspire others to do the same.

Nico Battisti

Group Coach + Programming + Private Training

Nico is a lifelong athlete and former football player who specializes in kettlebell and mobility training. With a degree in Exercise Science, he takes a science-based approach to fitness while also having the ability to get creative with programming by curating different formats of training to keep things fun + engaging. His goal for his clients is to help them become well rounded athletes by helping them to feel comfortable + confident with different modalities of movement.

Darren Tomasso

Group Coach + Private Training

Darren is a Nike Well Collective Trainer and born-again runner with training expertise in mobility, strength, conditioning and marathon training. His ethos shifts the focus away from aesthetic related goals and instead towards improving physical performance and mental well-being by building realistic, enjoyable, and sustainable wellness routines. Darren's mission is to work on projects and writing opportunities to increase access to health, wellness, and fitness for all. Darren holds a Psychology BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Oscar Arana

Group Coach + Private Training

Oscar is a lifelong athlete whose approach to training focuses on athletic improvement and mobility. He aims to help people find joy through movement to seamlessly incorporate wellness into one’s lifestyle.

Emilio Lara

Group Coach + Private Training

Emilio is a former soccer player, lifelong athlete, and firm believer in the power of team work. He is passionate about movement and helping people discover their potential.

Miles Stevens

Group Coach + Private Training

Miles is a former student athlete and life-long learner with a passion for helping others. He specializes in longevity and sport specific training by utilizing elements of strength, power, stability, steady state and maximal heart rate training in his programs. He holds a masters degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science and is currently pursuing his second masters in Applied Nutrition to become a registered dietitian.

Britt Ruscitto

Group Coach + Private Training

Britt comes from a strength training background and has years of experience with private training. She believes anyone can become stronger with consistency and proper movement patterns, which is why she always encourages clients to challenge themselves. Britt specializes in Kettlebells and Pre/Post Natal.

Andrew Muscarella

Group Coach + Operations

Andrew incorporates his experience in functional fitness and instructing spin classes to create a high energy environment focused on form and technique. His main goal is to foster a comfortable space where every member feels motivated and included, regardless of where they are at on their fitness journey. Always bringing the fun and the tunes, he strives for members to feel positive and accomplished when they leave the studio!

Meghan Clare

Group Coach

Meghan is a lifelong student of the body. Coming from a family of trainers, doctors, and athletes, she’s always been inspired by movement and progression in what the body is capable of. She lives for a good challenge and her goal is to help clients experience their own break throughs by building a strong foundation in their movement patterns and then continuing to grow from there.

Cole Francum

Group Coach

Cole is a former soccer player + dancer with a background in strength and cross training. As a coach, he has three goals: to make fitness accessible, informative, and fun. He hopes to empower everyone that steps into the studio so that they can move well and feel better in their daily lives.

Sarah Dimbert

Group Coach

Sarah is a strength & kettlebell coach who believes the best way people can celebrate their bodies is through movement. Her fitness philosophy is centered around physical strength as a reflection of internal strength, and the understanding that training helps people become better equipped to handle life’s challenges. She has over ten years of experience with kettlebells and a passion for functional training that helps people move well and live pain free.

Carla Ibarra

Group Coach

Carla is a strength and conditioning coach with a passion for helping others unlock their true potential. Committed to making fitness accessible to all, she is on a mission to assist others in building and sustaining a lifelong movement practice. She holds certifications in functional strength training, progressive calisthenics, kettlebells and running.

Daniel Neale

Group Coach

With a Masters of Science from the University of Pennsylvania, Daniel embodies the fusion of exercise science and the spirited atmosphere of group fitness. Transitioning from a competitive swimming background to embracing strength training, he seeks to empower others through fostering a sense of community, encouraging confidence, and highlighting the importance of both physical and mental well-being in fitness pursuits.

Corinne Munsch

Group Coach

Corinne is a strength and conditioning coach who is passionate about making fitness both accessible and enjoyable. She’s a professional dancer and NASM-certified trainer who has been coaching group fitness and private clients in NYC for the past 6 years. Corinne really believes in the power of community - we are our strongest and we grow our best when we’re connected.

Shaun Pamintuan

Physical Therapist + Mobility Coach

Shaun is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the owner of Stacks Physio, a physical therapy practice that operates within SESSION. His focus is to help people build resilient bodies that can withstand the demands of their work, sport, and hobbies well into later stages of life. Shaun believes treatment goes well beyond the clinic. He strives to help clientele understand their bodies on a higher level, allowing them to build and integrate habits into their daily life that maximize durability and healthy movement.


Team Sweat


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Stacks Physio Sports Rehabilitation Club is a top tier sports and orthopedic physical therapy clinic located in-house at Session providing injury rehabilitation, recovery work, and preventative medicine. Treatments are completely one-on-one and are designed to improve movement, sport performance, and quality of life through strength training, mobility techniques, soft tissue work, and manual therapy. Our mission is to help our clients build resilient bodies that can withstand the demands of an active lifestyle for the long haul.

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